Peanut butter is a fun and an easy recipe to make!  Plus it has many health benefits without any processed additives.  This recipe is great if you are a cruiser.  If you live in the US just hop in the car and drive to the store and buy a jar of Laura Scudder's Natural Peanut Butter but if you are out cruising spend the entire day searching for roasted peanuts and buy enough to last the next six months.  Bring it back to the boat and throw somewhere where it will still be okay three months from now.  

Roasted peanuts in shells 
Olive oil 

What you'll need 
Measuring cup 
Food processor or grinder or mashing capability (for crunchy style peanut butter) 
Food blender (for smooth style) 
Crack open the shells and remove the peanuts. Measure out about one cup. 

Remove the red skin from the peanuts and scatter them all over the boat as they are very messy.  If you throw the red skins in the ocean be sure to do it down wind so they do not arrive in your face as you pitch them overboard.   

If you want chunky peanut butter, put the peanuts in a food processor or grinder and just mash the hell out of them or run the chopped 
mixture through three or more times until the peanut butter is the consistency that you like. For creamy 
style peanut butter, chop up the peanuts in a blender. 

Add about one to two tablespoons of olive oil in small amounts and regrind or blend the mixture until the 
peanut butter is the familiar paste consistency. 

Increase these portions proportionally or as your taste enjoys.  

Homemade peanut butter contains no preservatives or other additives. 
To avoid spoiling, keep any unused portion in the refrigerator