Home made yogurt
3 liters milk
3/4 cup of powdered milk
One cup of the most natural yogurt you can buy - no preservatives, no sugar, no fruit, not anything except cream (milk), cultures, vitamins A&D are okay.
Utensils needed:
Two pots (about 3 qts or 4 qts)
Containers for finished yogurt
Tray for water bath if used
One cup measuring cup
Anything else that may have something of value
In one pot:
1. Add 3 liters milk (4%, 2%, 0% fat content is okay - whatever your tastes) to pan and begin heating slowly.  We use milk from boxes that have longer shelf life.
2. Add 3/4 cup of powdered milk to this pot of milk, stir and continue to heat until just starting to boil, heat slowly to not burn the bottom of the pan
3. Once milk is boiling then continue for few minutes - time is not critical but try not to burn the bottom of pan by using low heat.  The dishwasher dislikes extra scrubbing.
4. Remove the milk from stove and place pot in water bath (sea water works just fine) and cool to 105 degrees F.  Stir while in the bath and use thermometer.
5. Do not let the water and milk splash into each other.
a. If in a hurry take pan out of the bath and replace with cool water and repeat this until the milk temperature is at 105 +/- 5 degrees F.
b. You can avoid use of the water bath and just let the milk sit and cool off but it will take forever.  And cruisers are a busy lot so time is precious.
6. Measure into a separate cup that was sterilized 250 ml (one cup) starter yogurt that you bought at the store.  This is a container of your normal store bought yogurt.
            a. Be sure this yogurt contains zero sugar and no other strange additives.  Only cream plus cultures, no fruit.  Additions of vitamins A&D, etc. are okay.
7. Warm the cup of starter yogurt to about 105 degrees by placing this container in the sterilizing bath on the stove.  Yogurt need be at the milk temperature.
8.Add the starter yogurt to the milk and mix well.  If the starter yogurt is over 110 degrees F the culture will be dead and no yogurt today.
9. Place one cup of this mix in a separate container and this will be your starter yogurt for your next batch.
10. Place the remainder of the mix in containers of your choosing.  Seal tightly.
11. Place all these containers in a warm oven or set them in a tray of warm water for about 6 hours.  The culture is growing at this stage.
12. Place all these containers in refrigerator and now enjoy delicious homemade yogurt whenever you like.
13. Place the one-cup of yogurt in the refrigerator or freezer for use as starter yogurt with your next batch.
In second pot:
1. Fill this separate pot with water, cover and bring to boil - this is used to sterilize all utensils and containers
2. With the water boiling, sterilize everything that will come in contact with the yogurt by soaking shortly in the water. Containers, lids, starter mix container, spoons.
3. Dip all these utensils in this water bath.  Use tongs to prevent burning your delicate fingers then let these utensils air dry.  Try not to touch with bare hands.
Time to prepare:  about 45 minutes.
Degree of difficulty: 2 on a 0-5 scale (0 easiest 5 hardest)