We arrived in Bocas Del Toro after a stay in California, completing a delivery, hanging out in OC, plus restocking the parts and supplies needed to continue on in the Caribbean.  Plus visiting with relatives and getting in a couple of movies.  

Once back in Panama, provisioning in Carenero was a little different than in the States. This bundle of bananas cost $2.50 US. 


A walk on the Isla Carenero beaches and various scenes of the Bocas Island.   



     Many beautiful homes were charming in the jungle.


Some of the island is stunning beautiful,  but some other parts of the island indicate that the best part is the sidewalk.  These homes had their own special character to them and showed how resourceful these people are at developing their home turf.

            Note the marina masts in the background.    

     The local transportation of cayucos is inventive from the local forest.

At anchor, we had a chance to view the local bus service off the islands to the main land and a family "car" heading home.            

Also a few cruisers just hanging out in this beautiful area.