We completed a delivery 5/1 to 5/9 on a 45 ft. Leopard catamaran sailboat from Fajardo, Puerto Rico to Caracas, Venezuela.  It was fun sailing this high speed cat first upwind to a Venezuela island called Isla Margarita and then downwind to Caracas.   The first leg was 2.5 days over 492 nm at sea racing down the eastern Caribbean and the second leg was with the currents and winds in an over night (18 hours) trip of 202 nm to Caracas.  We completed the second leg by departing a strange harbor in the dark and arriving at an even stranger harbor in the dark with no local knowledge, no fairway lighting and no radar.  Something that will not be soon repeated.  The first landing at the "dock" in Caracas had the most bizarre entry we have ever experienced.  No more comments beyond that - you will have to ask us to describe it.   The second landing was med mooring and no problem. 

Captain Ron all spiffy looking and ready to roll.  Yen showing Franco the way to Venezuela or just doing a Tim imitation of spotting something important off the camera.  These kids now a days.......  Even Yen was looking all spiffy for this trip.  Franco, our third crew member, and the owners employee learned very fast that delivering boats was a cool way to make a few coins.  Cell phone coverage off the coast of Venezuela was better than the Global Star service.  Of course, this picture depicts the hard work the captain was forcing on the crew.  Here is a video of Yen on the helm.  

The slam bam catamaran was finally in Venezuela.