On our sail north from Providencia we took an "inside" route and arrived at a small reef called Cayos Cajones (The Hobbies) after an over night.  Now Cajones translated means that one should have some balls to want to anchor in this set of reefs but once we figured out the entrance it was a cool place.  

About 50 miles off shore and the Honduras Coast Guard is casually waiting for some drug runners to stop by and say hi.  They also checked on us and were very friendly and wanted to stay for dinner -  Yen said no.   The reef interesting and a great place to stop and get a good night's sleep before on to Guanaja, the first Bay Island. From The Hobbies we over night sailed to Guanaja and Graham's Place and on to El Bight next to the village of the island.  This island had two large shrimp factories until two years ago but now the inventory of the ocean has been depleted and both factories have closed and a lot of fishing ships just sit around.  But again location, location, location and this mansion on this rock had a great location inside the reefs. 

So on to the most famous of Bay Islands, Roatan in a nice morning sail 31 miles away.  We did not take one picture of Roatan but it was very beautiful.  We anchored in a couple of locations but our favorite was next to the resort of Fantasy Island in French Harbor.  The snorkeling was dramatic and the water warm with free internet on shore while sitting in a couple of lounge chairs overlooking the bay.  How nice that could be.