HONDURAS - Mainland

The city of La Ceiba is about 50,000 people with KFC, Pizza Hut and a large mall with $1.50 movies.   We tied up in Lagoon Marina and spent over a month in this area.   Lagoon Marina is just that, a lagoon with a dock.  It is finished perfectly by a German couple.  With lots of cash you can stay for awhile.  The pool was our daily hangout in the morning after a run or afternoon to cool off.  The pineapples were very fresh but a little small. This marina was finished nicely with nice shade trees and many amenities. But our real reason for arriving here was to enter the La Ceiba Shipyard and give Moonlight a new much needed bottom paint.  So these are the before pictures.And the after pictures ready to be splashed back in the ocean. We met some interesting people while in the marina.  David and Sue aboard Roxbury were very knowledgeable about boats.  They have been on the blocks redoing their boat for over a year.   That is impressive.  

We finally departed La Ceiba and the shipyard for a 110 mile downwind sail to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.  But the first day we stopped in a nice secluded anchorage called Puerto Escondido.  We anchored here a few days totally isolated from the world and just swimming, hiking and relaxing after the shipyard experience.