Down the Mexican coast we were buddy boating with the sailing vessel Music with Bruce and Bobby on board. 

  We arrived in Huatulco and maintenance began but first of course the local pool was cool.


From there we ventured to Oaxaca and a tour of the Monte Alban ruins and to enjoy a wonderful old city.

     The goddess of Alban was showing her statuesque pose.    

   Town square was a great place for a cup of hot chocolate  

  How does she do that without dropping it?? 

Rug making the old fashioned way which was by hand as they supplied all the input energy to make this weaver operate.  Once they got it running it was poetry to watch the sequence they followed to keep it weaving.  Who needs engineers as this was a work of art and function.  






Some one just has to look at every one of them and then buy nothing - - awesome.

The hand made rugs of the area were great to look but would not work on the boat.


The people of Oaxaca (waa-hak-ka) are small people but very friendly and delightful.  This charming sweet woman is 96 years old - not the one on the right - she is about 25.