We returned to Mexico only on the Caribbean side.  We arrived in Cancun after a fast overnighter from northern Belize.  It was the fastest passage Moonlight has ever accomplished and fortunately nothing broke.  Here is a video showing how busy we were while the autopilot and Moonlight does all the work. 

       We arrived outside of Cancun and continued on to Isla Mujeres for some rest and a little inland travel.  The inland travel was by bus as usual. 


The first stop is Chichenitza.  Mayan ruins from about 400-1200 AD.  But this one is unique as the construction was in an orientation that has a special view during the equinox and especially  during the solstice (March 20 and September 20) when a serpent descends down the stairs of the pyramids.   Now check what occurs on the Solstice.  A serpent descends the stairway made up of shadows cast by the corner of the pyramid.  Very amazing to view.There were other amazing structures but this pyramid was the most impressive.  The observatory (as defined) was also interesting and had a special orientation as well.  Although we were unable to view the shadows developed from the sun at particular times of the year.   The Mayans has a very advanced understanding of the solar system and stars along with the applied mathematics to further their knowledge of the universe.  Of course, the vendors were kept busy looking for prey, oops I mean tourists.

Hanging out on Isla Mujeres, Mexico a little island 6 miles off the coast from Cancun

Walking to the beach, shopping, walking to the market and attending Church has become our daily routine after returning to the boat from a one month break.  We have concluded shopping Isla Mujeres is expensiveOn Sunday the local Church was a morning must. Then we were off to the beach for a quick swim before looking for lunch.     What a couple of beauties on the beach.  The sand is like fine flour.   Even the local fisherman had to stop by to check out the girls.Of course the local boys had to say hi to Hung and show off how friendly they are.Just time for lunch at the local Taco restaurant. Another day of tourist activity on Isla Mujeres to view the turtle farm on the west beach.  Turtles are special creatures from the sea.   Anyone for turtle soup .... just say no.  One can always trust the lovely local piers in Mexico. A nice beach side lunch of fish, rice and cabbage. The long walk back to the boat.For Palm Sunday a little outing to the local church was interesting.Of course, which two days of the years does everyone go to church and the place is packed to the brim?  After church a lunch at the local restaurant was essential.

TRIP TO TULUM AND PLAYA DEL CARMAN (aka high priced over crowded beach hang-out)

Tulum was this quiet little village with ruins that were quite beautiful with this incredible incredible location on the Caribbean sea. The old guy with the photo shoot beautyNow two photo shoot SI potentials Tulum ruins in the background on a beautiful shore lineFrom Tulum it was a trip to Playa del Carman.  This is the cleanest newest Mexican city we have ever seen in all of Mexico.  The priciest place in Mexico reflected that with $200 night rooms and $150 swim suits so needless to say I sat and watched while the girls window shopped.  It was a pretty city and could have been located in Newport Beach or Seville.