A stay in Shelter Bay marina next to the Panama Canal is interesting - just be aware of the hidden costs.  We were there for over a month and we know it is time to leave - we just have to pry the fingernails off the dock and release the lines and go.   But the marina and area has much to offer.   So one may wonder what cruisers do on a January Sunday morning - some go walking, some go biking and some ride the bus.  But we all ended up at San Lorenzo fort about seven miles away.    





Two charming young ladies, Kendall & Quincy were great to bike with.  They are growing up cruising and have the greatest personalities one could ever ask for.  Thanks for the long bike rides, Ken & Quin.  

Morning bike rides in the forest with all these "girls" was just another way to pass the time.  But monitoring the customer Service in the marina is of course a real priority as seen here checking up on Dennis on S/V Emeralda. Notice Moonlight in the background sporting that new dingy.  

Running trails are everywhere except we have to chase the monkeys, wild boars and other animals off the roads as we jog through the rain forests.  We managed to finish boat projects and still spend a great time jogging and playing in the musical showers.


Howler monkeys roar captured on video.     The rain forest is a noisy place.

We ran this 11 mile trail up to the site called Fort San Lorenzo fort for a day of exploration too many times.   This fort was the protective location for the entrance to the river Chagres.  The river looked completely different then when we entered by boat. 

         Chagres entrance was a dogleg to the right.   

Fort San Lorenzo was a very interesting site to explore with some great pirate history.  It was built in 1597, destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671, rebuilt in 1677, destroyed in 1740 and rebuilt in 1750.    


Yen showing off her six pack during our morning run - looking good. 



We stopped at a families house and were allowed to gather coconuts for a drink of water.