Isla Providencia (13 22.50'N 81 22.25'W) is on the way from San Blas in Panama to the Bay Islands of Honduras.  This was a nice stop and we actually left the boat at anchor for a week while we completed a delivery.   We met several cruisers either heading south to Panama or north to the Islands of Honduras.  Renting scooters and touring the 17 miles around the island was great.  The Cafe Studio was the best place for food on the island as that is where Yen had her ## birthday dinner.  A Canadian lady and San Andres man run the restaurant and do a great job of food preparation plus grow all the vegetables and herbs in their back yard. 

Checking out the local black crab population as they return to sea to shed their eggs was a treat.  Again, cruisers are easily entertained with the simplest of activities.  Even the local horses need to cool off in the ocean.  This horse appears to be enjoying his afternoon swim. Of course, the one animal on this island that gets the business end of the hook is the local barracuda and this one is heading for someone's dinner table.These cruiser biker scooter chicks are hot, hot and hot.  By tha way, can y'all talk wit a Texas accent.  Someone has got to do a better job of training the local drug runners on how to fly their damn aircraft.  Hey, Dai here is a fixer upper for you to take home.  And then just like that we were saying good-bye to Providencia for the trip to the Bay Islands of Honduras.